Our Governing Body

What the Governing Body does

At Church Hill and Low Hall, governors, staff and parents have worked closely together to set a shared vision for the young children and their families who use our facilities.

We have put young children at the heart of this vision because their early educational and social experiences form an important foundation for the rest of their lives. We know that playful and companionable learning makes a difference to how well young children develop and achieve. We know that young children thrive where they are encouraged to explore their growing fascination with the world, communicate with other people and give voice to their thoughts and feelings.

As governors we make sure Church Hill and Low Hall are safe places where young children can play and learn in the company of others. We ensure the indoor and outdoor learning spaces are well resourced to satisfy every child’s curiosity. We ensure children have experienced and knowledgeable people to talk to, learn with and communicate their ideas and emotions.

Governors give their time on a voluntary basis to make sure every child matters at Church Hill and Low Hall. Governors are frequent visitors to the school and we are always happy to meet with parents to talk about our role on the governing body and how our shared vision for young children is being put into practice to make Church Hill  and Low Hall outstanding places to play and learn.

Pauline France (chair of governors)

How the Governing Body Works

The Federated Governing Body of Church Hill Nursery School and Low Hall Nursery School is composed of:

1 Local Authority governor, 1 staff governor, 4 parent governors (2 from each setting), 8 co-opted governors, the Head teacher and from time to time, associate governors

Governing body meetings are held once a term to discuss issues affecting the strategic management of the nurseries, staffing, the Children’s Centres, budget, building maintenance, extended services and curriculum development. Interested parents can attend as observers.

There are three sub-committees: Finance, Pay and Personnel, Children's Learning and Development, and Premises. There is also a Children’s Centre Advisory Board.

Governors work in close collaboration with the staff and parents to ensure high-quality education and care in a welcoming environment. To do this the Governing Body sets aims and objectives which are addressed in annual School Development Plans for the two settings, and formulates relevant policies to ensure statutory requirements are met as well.

Governors agree the annual School Development Plans at a joint Staff and Governor meeting each September.

Governors monitor policies and activities by making regular visits to the nurseries and meeting staff.

Who's Who



Pauline France

Co-opted Governor, Chair of Governors

Helen Currie

Head Teacher

Gail Alloway

Co-opted Governor

Sandra Campbell

Co-opted Governor
Abida Choudhary

Co-opted Governor

Peter Dawe

Co-opted Governor

Maxine Lafayette

Co-opted Governor

Katharine Segal

Co-opted Governor

Chloe Shrimpton

Co-opted Governor

Issy Adams

Parent Governor for Church Hill

Caoimhe Tierney

Parent Governor for Low Hall
Margaret Rees

Staff Governor (working at Low Hall setting)

Sue Peacham

Local Authority Governor

Roles, attendance and pecuniary interest

We pay the Local Authority to clerk our meetings. As part of this service they record who attends which meetings, who is on which committee and who the link governors are for particular subjects.

Click here to view the record of governor attendance data for the school year 2016-17, or download it below.

Click here to view the record of who took which role in the school year 2016-17, or download it below.

Click here to view the Pecuniary and Personal Interests of the members of the Governing Body in the school year 2016-17, or download it below.