Students and volunteers

We accept school students on work placements and adult volunteer applicants if and when we have the capacity to do so.

At least 2 months ahead of your proposed placement date, please write to us (see contact us), including:

  • Why you are interested in doing a placement here.
  • If you are studying, the name of your course and the qualification youa are working towards, the details of your school or college, including link person details (form teacher or subject tutor)
  • If you would like to volunteer, the skills and experience you would like to share or improve.
  • The dates and times you are looking for work experience.

Students and volunteers will be given an induction, including safeguarding, data protection, work and behaviour expectations and health and safety.

All people working in our schools are expected to dress sensibly and practically. Those working with children should come dressed for spending time outside. Mobile phones are left at reception at the start of the day and can be retrieved at break times and at the end of the day.